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21 July 2012 @ 01:29 am
The Dark Knight Rises. And so does Leetje!  
Oh hey livejournal, what's happening. I need a place to talk about TDKR, so here I am xD

I loved it. Not as much as The Dark Knight, but I loved it. TDK was a movie that blew me on a psychological level. This movie couldn't quite grasp that, had some plotholes too. Nor did it have the brilliant performance of the late Heath Ledger, of course.

This movie was even rather obvious at times, especially in terms of Blake being Robin. And I'd actually preferred a non-Disney ending!

What I did like - what I liked in the other two movies as well - is how utterly made of flesh and blood these characters are. Yes some are physically stronger than others or are aided by hightech equipment, but in the end they're all still only human. Nothing supernatural needed, unlike previous films.

Michael Cane. He wasn't in it as much, but bloody hell his scenes in this film all slew me. Alfred is the heart and soul of this trilogy hands down.

Bane. I'm sorry, the mask and the scarred bald head and the (hilariously) altered voice. It's Darth Vader and I couldn't get past that at all xD Rather distracting!

Blake. Joseph. Adorable. Heartwarming. Can we please have a Robin spin-off? Please please please?

I loved that Selina Kyle was Catwoman only she wasn't. No supernaturalness with cats licking her back to life and etc. Yay! Anne Hathaway in that skin-tight leather ensemble. ME GUSTA. I wouldn't mind a Catwoman Origins film with her in it :D

Despite having mixed feelings about the "Everybody Lives" ending, yay Bruce/Selina like in the comics ^______^

Uh time for bed, I'm expected to go for a run in 7,5 hrs from now. Whoops.
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